Jennifer Lopez is excited about the possibility of winning an Oscar

“Hustlers” could mark a milestone in the career of Jennifer Lopez, as there are those who believe that the actress did a job worthy of the Oscar. During a recent interview, the 50-year-old star was excited on the verge of crying when asked how she felt about the possibility of winning an Oscar.

“I have simply worked hard for so long, throughout my life, so it is nice,” said the singer with a slightly broken voice. “I’m sorry, guys, you know I’m sentimental,” he added, recovering his smile, Alex Rodriguez’s fiancee.

Among the media that indicate that JLo could get an Academy Award nomination, thanks to its role as “Ramona”, a veteran stripper who trains a new pole dance dancer, are The Hollywood Reporter , The Daily Beast and the magazine People , as quoted by journalist Hoda Kotb during a segment of his program at SiriusXM .

Continuing the conversation, Jennifer said that on the previous night she had been with a very close friend, watching several of the “Hustlers” reviews and crying with joy while her friend tried to capture the moment on video.

Kotb asked Lopez what caused that reaction, to which the artist said that by working so hard, “one expects people to notice it somehow, at that level, being part of that conversation.”

“When you are a child, you have dreams, of being there, you know?” JLo said, adding that he knows that it is not even close to something happening, but that the mere fact that this conversation occurs is “incredible.”

In “Hustlers,” Lopez shares credits with Constance Wu , Julia Stiles , Keke Palmer , Lili Reinhar and rapper Cardi B, and to perform the sexy dance moves her character makes in the film, the New York-born actress submitted to a difficult preparation to achieve in a few weeks what some people learn with years of experience.

Recently, Lopez spoke in an interview with Variety magazine about the stigma of being Latina and the weight that it had on her film career. Alex Rodriguez’s fiance remembered that she was often rejected to interpret different characters, because in the industry there were those who thought that a “Latin girl” could only play the role of cleaning workers.

Over the years, things have changed a lot for her, and right now she is enjoying a great moment in her life. Just a few days ago, Jennifer Lopez dazzled with the daring outfit she chose for the “Hustlers” premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, where she was naturally accompanied by her beloved A-Rod.

For such an important occasion, JLo wore a dress with frills in Canary yellow color, with a pronounced neckline that let her attributes shine. To complement the outfit , he used a makeup loaded in the eye area, open silver slippers and an original clutch shaped like a bundle of bills.

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