Shia LaBeouf Gets Hit On The Other Side of The Camera

It seems that even Hollywood actors can resemble some of the characteristics of your average Joe in the midst of friends.

Hollywood superstar Shia LaBeouf was out at night drinking with some friends until they found two young ladies on the street reacting sickly to what was most likely alcohol.

Whatever the scenario between the girls were, actor Shia LaBeouf felt the need to whip out his camera to record the piece of action that was occurring on the streets.

Without realizing who was recording, the females told Shia to “get lost”. As Shia disregarded their request, an unidentified man stepped in knocking the camera out of Shia’s hand before punching him.

As a bouncer of the nearby nightclub broke up the scuffle between the two, Shia and his friend ran off before things escalated any further.

This isn’t the first time Mr. LaBeouf has been in an incident of altercation in the city of London, as last year he had gotten into a confrontational situation with another man over a baseball cap. Perhaps it’s the curse of Europe for Shia? It is certainly one that Shia should shy away from. He is currently in the U.K. shooting for the movie “Fury” with Brad Pitt.

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